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Remsa & ACRE

We are proud to announce that we have just been appointed Sydney Metro distributors for the Remsa and Acre products.

We stock an extensive range of Remsa and Acre brake pads and sensors.  We are confident that our customers will be impressed with these safe and environmentally friendly brakes.

9 Reasons for choosing Remsa:

  • 30 years of Manufacturing Experiences-continued Leadership in advance braking solution;
  • 10 production and logistic plants established across Europe and America;
  • Produce more than 200 million pieces of brake pads annually;
  • Complete range cover up to 99.4% of European, American, Japanese and Australian  applications with more than 2000 references;
  • Globally Based Facilities & advanced in R&D; reinvest 25% of profit in R&D;
  • Accessories, such as wear sensor, shims, caliper bolts are included in most Remsa brake pads which are fully in line with O.E specifications;
  • Low noise;
  • Applicable Rotor Temperature 0~650?C; and
  • Quality Guaranteed-Certified: Regulation 90; European Directive 98/12EC; ISO9001/9002; Environmental friendly-Non Asbestos. Ecological composite heavy metal free.

As one of the world’s leading automotive safety suppliers, Remsa also suppliers as an OEM brand for several main suppliers.

Any faulty Remsa products carry a warranty and supported by Thomas BCT.

Acre brake pads are 100% made in Japan.  Since 2002 it has been the best selling brake pad in Japan.

7 Reasons for choosing Acre:

  • Comprehensive range covered, Acre Brake Pads cover more than 400 types of Japanese applications;
  • Qualified ISO9001 Certification;
  • Non asbestos, control in brake dust to avoid pollutions;
  • Made in Japan quality assurance;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • Applicable Rotor Temperature 0~450?C
  • Friction Coefficient : 0.35~0.45?
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